Fort Collins, CO Engagement // Paula + Joey

Paula + Joey. These two are the cutest, chillest, most kindest and fun humans. Seriously, scroll through their engagement session + try not to smile. Not gonna happen! 

They met on the corner of Howes + Canyon in Downtown Fort Collins, so a picture had to be taken there of course! And before you get any weird ideas, they met there during Tour de Fat, ha! Our kind of people for sure! After that, we drove up Poudre Canyon to catch the last of Fall. There was barefoot walking, river playing and lots of laughing + dancing going on. Which now writing about that, makes us even more excited for their wedding in Maui (in a week)!

We then drove to Bingham Hill to watch the sun go down--the perfect way to end this engagement session. Gotta love Fort Collins! 

Cheers to Paula + Joey! Can't wait to celebrate with you guys soon soon soon!

Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Golden, CO // Nikki + Mike

If you live in Colorado, you know that the weather can change every 10 minutes. That's something you can usually count on right? Well, yes, but not during Nikki + Mike's engagement session of course!

We showed up a little early to Golden Gate Canyon State Park (we normally do so we can do a little scouting for good locations to shoot!). There were so many beautiful spots + the leaves were so beautiful! We had our spots picked out and then 20 minutes or so before Nikki + Mike showed up, it started raining. We thought, "That's okay--it will clear up soon!" Except it kept getting darker and darker and the rain was now pouring down. 

Nikki + Mike arrived and we decided to try and wait it out in our cars for a bit. So we waited. And waited. And it never let up--ha! Our only option was to start shooting before it got too dark, so that's what we did and it was seriously so much fun. Soaking wet and all. In situations like this, it is always the best when you have a couple that just goes with the flow and makes the most out of it. Nikki + Mike are the cutest humans and their love made it all worth it! 

Cheers to love and crazy Colorado weather! See you two next weekend for your big day!