You know those people you meet and instantly know they are going to be life long friends? That’s Zach and Britt. We met these two  jeeping in the mountains with mud flying and laughter filling the air. It was pretty clear they were adventurous, fun-loving and generally awesome people! Zach and Britt are such genuine beings with a love for the outdoors, Colorado craft beer and their two beautiful kids, Ella and Karter.

Zach and Britt had been waiting for the perfect time to have a wedding ceremony. When they asked us to be their photographers on their special day, of course we were thrilled! These two share a love for each other that is so easy to see and their happiness is infectious. Their wedding day took place in their sweeping backyard, filled with lots of laughs, close friends and family, and of course, New Belgium craft beer kegs. These pictures are a testament to a great love and pure joy. Nothing makes us happier than witnessing moments like these. It fills us up with joy and humbly reminds us that we have the best job in the world!