On the day of this engagement shoot, our fingers kept hitting the Weather App, checking to see if the weather was going to look any better than what we were seeing outside. Fort Collins was getting hit hard with rain, but Fairon kept telling us that the weather was just fine in Kiowa, which is about two hours away. We hopped in the car and although we couldn't believe the weather was actually not storming over there, headed to the cute, little town we had never been to before!

Sure enough, it wasn't storming (yet!). Fairon and Tyson packed us and their sweet baby, Cooper, in their truck and drove us up to a couple of their favorite spots. The skies were dark and moody and the winds were picking up, but that didn't stop us from having a wicked fun shoot! Their sense of humor throughout the shoot, made for such an easy and fun evening. We're pretty sure none of us stopped talking or laughing the entire time! Except Cooper. He was ready to eat! The best part of it all, was that the weather held out just long enough for us to take the last photo in front of the Kiowa water tower and no one got too wet in the process. Running as fast as we could back to the truck helped a lot with that!