Heather + Erick's September wedding was one to remember! We got to stay in the cute lodge that their guests were staying in and were able to explore around the town before the wedding day. The night before the wedding was their rehearsal dinner with all the family and friends you could imagine (and even a roasted pig!). As we were sitting at our table (yes, they even invited us to their dinner!), everyone started to look out the window and to everyone's shock and surprise, it was dumping snow. We looked at each other and thought, "Ohhhh great!". As newlyweds ourselves, it was easy to imagine what Heather and Erick were probably thinking, looking out and watching the snow fall the night before their wedding. But being the awesome people they are, they just kind of laughed it off and went outside for a quick picture. Rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day, so snow the night before has got to be some sort of good luck right?!


The next day was beautiful and perfect for a wedding. The amazing fall colors, the sunny skies, the mountain air...what more could you ask for?! One of our favorite parts, and a memory we will definitely never forget, was getting to escort all of the bridesmaids in our jeep! Since it snowed the day before, the road up to where the pictures were going to be taken, was completely muddy. Luckily, we have a big jeep with big tires that can take on the mud, so the day was saved and everyone made it up to the valley for pictures! It was so fun seeing the girls in their dresses and heels loading up in the jeep. They were so awesome and up for anything!

Heather and Erick's wedding day was so much fun from beginning to end. They are such genuine people and it is easy to see how loved they are from everyone who attended (and of course by their two, sweet pups!). Cheers to this happy couple and all the adventures to come!