When you get to leave cold Colorado to go to the warm temps of Malibu, there are no complaints. When you're going to capture the wedding day of these two wonderful people, even better! This day was magical from start to finish. From the "getting ready" stages, to the DJ's last song, Michaella and Jon, were there for only one reason and it was inevitable. Who needs a mountain top to shout it from anyways? You can see it all over their faces!

One of the fun parts about being the photographers, are the different roles you get to play throughout the day. One of our roles this day, was making sure Jon didn't see Michaella before the ceremony, which was tricky because they were both at the venue at the same time! We now know we can sign up for the CIA because our hiding and ducking skills are now perfected! Our other favorite role of the day (besides being the photographers, duh), was getting to be the chauffeurs. We had about 15-20 minutes after the ceremony to find our rental car, pack them in and drive them down to the beach for a quick photo shoot before the reception started. With the stress of weddings and how much time we had, these two were still willing to make it happen. That's one of the reasons they are winning in our book!

The reception was a blast, the food was amazing, the speeches were heartfelt, and the dancing skills were top notch. The chair dance was our favorite! They even had donuts and milk to go along with their cake! Michaella and Jon are such genuine people and we are so honored to have been able to capture their love first hand. Cheers to this happy day and cheers to many, many more happy moments for these newlyweds!