October was made for sunshine, golf and weddings! If you are in Scottsdale, Arizona, that is. 

Takuya + Anna sure know how to have a wedding. The guys started the day off by playing a round of golf and enjoying the hot sun, while the ladies relaxed, drank mimosas and got ready for the big day. Being that they both have a major love for golf, their wedding day theme was just that.

Anna drove one of the golf carts down to meet her then-future-husband for their first look, and it was so perfect and fitting! Their ceremony was beautiful, right on the green and overlooked the golf course. The best part? After they said their "I do's", they teed off together (see photos below)! Now, that's awesome! 

The fun lasted late through the night, with LOTS of family, friends, meaningful speeches and dancing. We had a blast being surrounded by so much energy and love! Cheers to the Takuya + Anna!