The thing about Colorado, if you didn't know by now, is that the weather can literally be anything it wants. Living here, you pretty much just have to go with the flow, especially if you are doing engagement photos at the end of February!

Lauren and Kyle definitely came mentally prepared when they showed up at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center right outside of the park. They hopped in our new Subaru (yay--we are so those people!) and we carpooled into Rocky Mountain National Park to a few different locations. The weather app said it was supposed to be cold, but it didn't say anything about being windy! Luckily, these two know the Colorado drill and were more than willing to do anything for the shots. Even if that meant trudging through deep snow, facing the extreme wind chill and losing feeling in their hands. No big deal!

Despite the weather, we had so much fun with Lauren and Kyle. Their vibe was so natural and their love in the photos are anything but forced. When the shoot goes as smoothly as theirs did, you know they really have a good thing and it was incredibly easy to see. We are so excited that we were able to capture their sweet love, amongst the stunning backdrop that is Rocky Mountain National Park. It's those moments, along with those breathtaking views, that make us truly love what we do. Thank you Lauren and Kyle for letting us be your third wheel and congrats on your engagement! We can't wait for your wedding!