About 99% of couples will tell us they are awkward in front of the camera. And we get it--we are super awkward on the other side of the camera...and just in general (ask us how our First Dance went at our wedding ha!). But, good news is, the awkwardness is actually a good thing. Chances are you will laugh and end up having more fun than you thought. That's how it was with Alicia + Luke when we hung out with them at Chautauqua Park and Lost Gulch to shoot their engagement photos! 

We loved getting to know these two + especially loved watching them open up as the evening went on. They have a sweet, sweet love for each other and we are all about it. Can't wait for their wedding in A WEEK! Fun fact: They are getting married at the same place we got married last year. We are super excited to be back at Trout Haven--this time to capture Alicia + Luke become husband and wife!