Colorado Engagement // Elizabeth + Trent

When a couple tells you they want to do a sunrise engagement session, you know they are up for anything. It takes a lot to wake yourself up, get ready and make a long drive into the middle of the woods to get some pictures taken. And we love that Elizabeth and Trent were up for doing just that! 

The kicker: It rained the entire time! We were up at their cabin in time for the beautiful morning light, only to be surprised with a sky full of dark clouds and rain. But! That didn't stop these two from making the most of it, having fun and loving on each other the whole time. What better way to get cozy with one another, than when you're cold and wet?! The dark morning made for some moody photos and the rain made for lots of laughs and a crazy engagement shoot experience. Plus, these two have lots of love for each other and you can instantly feel it when you are around them!

The other kicker: It stopped raining and blue skies showed we were driving away! Typical, right?! This session with Elizabeth and Trent was perfect just the way it was and it wouldn't have been as fun without ending completely soaked! We are super excited for their wedding in October--we will pack our ponchos in the car just in case!