Tori and Ryan's engagement session was at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, Co. Tori had picked the place and we were super pumped because we had never been there before. Because the location had the word "park" in it, Tori was under the impression it was an actual park. Oops! Not quite! :)

On one side, there were a lot of trees and trails. We looked at the trail map and picked a trail that would lead us to the top (because we have to go to the top, right?). Tori and Ryan were straight up troopers. They made the hike to the top happen--dress, sandals, long sleeved shirt, regular shoes and all! The things you do for pictures--but, it's always worth it in the end!

The other side of the park was more like an actual park. It was beautiful and open and the sun was setting just as we got there. And the barn was amazing looking too! These two said they weren't good in front of the camera, but these photos say otherwise! They have such a fun energy and their love is contagious. Plus, they brought beers to enjoy at the end (see below!). We can't wait for their wedding in October! Cheers you two!