One of the main reasons we love what we do, is getting to document and be a part of real, raw love. That was Carrie and Kailee's wedding from beginning to end. A flat out, straight up, love fest bottled up into even more love, topped off with a love filled cherry and drizzled with love syrup.

Carrie and Kailee, we loved your day! From the time we got our first drink in the lobby of the resort to the time we had to pack up our soaking wet clothes (apparently from jumping in the pool fully clothed at the reception...woops!)--it was just perfect. 

So, you might want a quick little back story. Carrie is one of my (Allie's) very best friends from college. We were dorm roommates, apartment roommates and played on our college soccer team together. Getting to watch Carrie and Kailee's relationship + love grow as the years have gone on, has given me all the feels and these two are the epitome of what love is. 

Marcus had a lot cut out for him, as he one-manned the majority of the wedding since I was in the wedding party--let's just say Carrie and Kailee, along with all of their friends + family, sure know how to have a good time and do a wedding right (ahem, tequila all around!). And what could possibly end the most amazing wedding in the most perfect way? When it started raining on the dance floor. Yup. We danced in the rain, jumped in the pool and then continued over to the beach to get in the ocean. Talk about going out with a bang! 

We loved being a part of this special day and we are so happy for these two humans! Cheers to Carrie + Kailee!