Marcus & Allie

Hi friends! 

So, you want to know a little more about us, huh?

Let's you know, we are a husband & wife photography duo! Marcus was born & raised in Fort Collins, CO and Allie, from SoCal (Corona, CA what's up!). We met in Denver in 2013, moved in together after knowing each other for maybe two months, fell in love super fast and well, here we are! 

Some answers to questions we've been asked before by our couples:

-Marcus is 6'5 and Allie is 5"4

-Our favorite activities include: mountain and road biking, camping, hiking, yoga (Allie), traveling, backpacking, going on dates to REI. 

-Marcus played basketball, went to CSU & started his own business and Allie went to a university in Riverside, CA on a soccer scholarship. 

-Marcus was born on leap year. So he is technically 7 1/2. But also, we are only 11 days apart.

-Our photography journey started by taking photos on our Jeep adventures (we used to be avid Jeepers--Marcus even took photos for a National Ad Campaign for Jeep!). We fell in love with landscape photography but felt like we were always missing something--subjects! 

-We will definitely go get beers with you. Marcus--Stout/Sour. Allie--Sour/Strong.

-Sam + Burt are our two dogs. We love dogs. 

-Our favorite trip so far as a couple was when we went to Spain to backpack the Camino de Santiago! 

-We actually considered shooting our own wedding. Good thing we didn't, because, hello stress!

You will totally find out more about us when we meet and we can't wait to get to know about you. We want to make this experience (whatever you book us for) the best EVER. Don't hesitate to reach out! We can't wait to connect, hang out & become friends with you!